The other side of a race who inhabits roughly 45-47% of the world where has white people inhabit 65-67% of the world. This race is defined off stereotypes listed by the black people at the top of this list.

White people have developed and formed America with the help of European white race developed technology, Without white people, blacks in America would be unsuited because all the knowledge they have learned about technology to create their own, have came off of white people's heritage. Also, the opposite of the current biggest crime committing race, violet race, and many more, Although white people in the past have been just as violet, were talking about the present right now m'dearies.

White people are the face of America and act culturally different from the black race, however, assume personalities and individualities, where as the majority of black people have barely any independence and assume the common thug, gangster, drug dealer, murdurer, or anything under the criminal category. This is based off the researched fact that 1 in 3 males will have a criminal record in their lifetime.

White people are the opposite of this.

However without getting all butthurt over reading this, *cough, cough* blacks, and saying you're going to come beat me up bullshit, I will remind you, not ALL are bad, as i said 1 in 3. And a further reminder, I'm pretty sure we all have security and good luck using your screen protecting you, your very own self to inflict harm on us.
Educated person: White people are the race originating from Europe, the first life in those areas were humans with light skin, often referred to as, White people.
af AquaInfinityAJ 31. december 2014
We are actually the Minority in the world, yet we own 90% of it. WTF?
Breakdown of Races
Mongoloid-Anyone from Asia or of Asian Descent-60% of the worlds population
Negroid-Anyone from Africa or of African Descent-25% of the worlds population
Caucasian-Anyone from Europe or of European Descent-15% of the worlds population.

"I see White People"
af T.S.2 17. november 2009
We are not all bad people. As a white person I am completely against ALL types of discrimination, whether it be based on ethnicity, sex, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. I was not responsible for african american slavery due to the fact that at the time my ancestors were in Italy and Ireland, and even if I was, I would be ashamed of my ancestors and it wouldn't be my fault. That's like blaming the Holocaust on Germans who weren't even alive during that time period. (which i'm sure happens but is completely wrong) People need to realize that by calling us discriminatory assholes, that they are guilty of stereotyping as much as some white people. We are ALL people. Something that we were randomly given, such as skin color, does not define our character. Only our hearts can.
White Person: Hi
Person of different ethnicity that believes all white people are bad: STUPID BIGOTED DISCRIMINATORY ASSHOLLE!!!
Person of any ethnicity who doesn't believe stereotypes: Give her a break. All she said was hi. Don't you realize by calling her a bigot solely on the fact that she's white is what you were upset about?
af Iloveallpeople 23. april 2013
Ignorant bastards who say black people are known for committing rape, crimes, and a bunch of other bullshit that doesn't even make sense. Cause if i was walking down the street I'd much rather walk next to a black guy than a white guy because there's a probably a better chance of the white guy raping me. They also say that all black people are on welfare and durrrrrty. Really? Cause every bum I've ever seen was white. So thats funny.

People who also need to watch what they say cause they just make themselves sound stupid and like idiots.

The real ones who fight in groups cause they're either too skinny and bony or too fat and can't walk.

A race of people who think they're better than everyone else.

Is there anything else I'm missing?
White people: Ohmy, our raace is becoming a minority because of all these foriegners

Other people of some other race: Oh shut the hell up you basically run the world.
af whatilooklike 26. marts 2011
A peson who puts up with black racism
B:"Hey look at that cracker."
W: If I say anything to that racial slur, I'll be called a racist.
af 1 27. december 2003
the only race to not get made fun of on this website but still manages to state they are the most oppressed. look up "white people" then look up "black people" or "spanish people"

or "asians" and look at the definitions. hmmmm.
definition "white people- the greatest in the world! and the most discriminated against...'

1000 definitions consisting of "blacks, asians, latinos- chink! nigger! useless lazy fuck yada yada worthless yada yada rascist against whites yada yada yaada poverty stricken! yada yada"

i wouldnt be surprised if this didnt get passed. this site is crawling with rascists.
af wowstfu dude 22. november 2010
Probably the only group of people to steal from the Native Americans, Mexicans and Aboriginals,kill the Jews, enslave the Africans,colonize and bomb the Asians.
Christopher Columbus:"Hi I'm from England and here is a blanket of small pox"
Indian Chief:"What?
Christopher Columbus: "What? No just kidding..Its probably fine"

white people in the 1500s
af Jade B. 25. april 2011

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