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when you're fucking your girl and about to cum, pull out and shoot it in your hand. Make the "spider-man" web slinging hand and fling it on the girls face (or ass, tits, whatever) while making the "pfffft" web slinging sound.
I pulled out, said "pffft" and gave her a web slinger right in the face!
af A.M.F.Y. 13. marts 2008
27 12
webslinger the art of ejaculating in one's hand then throwing in a female's face in the style of spiderman.
hey tony i threw a webslinger at your wife last night.
af BoWsEr / NiCk 16. januar 2009
3 0
Someone who creates webpages in mass quantity.
Tiny's the webslinger you want to build your site.
af Thadius3 26. juni 2005
8 7
Overused cell phone
hold on man, just checking my webslinger
af gotoblazers 26. juli 2011
2 2
Web slinger
A careless masturbater who needs to rid himself of the evidence of his illicit wank by a spiderman flick of the wrist sending the jiz hurtling through the air
Mum is at the bedroom door and the window is open,
Or maybe its a low shot under the bed,
Only option "web slinger"
af james Venom 21. august 2006
9 12