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A failure, a complate waste of time.
I just got back from Walwart, what a wash!
af Jack Debian 2. februar 2005
206 83
A cancelling-out or balancing effect. An incident where nothing is gained and nothing is lost, a draw.
I won fifty bucks at blackjack, but lost fifty in poker, so I called it a wash and went home.
af gogoacidfish 18. oktober 2008
147 42
To beat someone up or win a fight over another
He washed the guy last night
af Jack Doe 1. august 2005
154 51
To burn a copy of your own dvd to remove the piracy warnings and trailers.
I'm gonna wash my dvds, so they start straight away.
af Andy Skye 24. november 2010
21 6
Another word for a Wasteman or waste.

someone that is not cool

word also found in Gigs freestyle "My mandem are hot, but ur mandem are wash" www.myspace.com/trapstargiggs
My mandem are hot, ur mandem are wash

you linked nathan b? es wash u kno
af Say no more 24. marts 2008
35 27
giving someone untrue compliments in order to gain something from them or just for the sake of deceit
boy - "you are the most beautiful girl i've ever seen you're so perfect"
girl - "Stop washing me please , I know you just need my help with the dishes"
af bekah_A 19. november 2013
5 1
When something is not up to standards; It is rubbish.

mostly Scottish term, describes the lack of positive feelings towards something or someone.

2nd def: Another derogative name for the police.
"this sausage roll is WASH!"

"I'm not going in there it smells WASH!"

"oh no here come the WASH!"
af Rachyroo 23. april 2010
8 7