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most elite and advanced navy sailing the seas
kicks ass in everything from aero to nucs

hurah for US NAVY
"yeah bra, i just joined the us navy!"- "sick dude, you're hardcore!"
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af somesailorchick 29. december 2008
Currently the worlds strongest Navy. Rivaled by the Russian Navy. The U.S Navy is the only military power to reach any point in the globe, whether it be on Air, Land, or Sea. This is something Army and Air Force can not say as well. The U.S Navy also have first-strike capabilities.

The U.S Navy is not gay. This stupid rumor probably started because of either 1) the Village People sang about the U.S Navy while doing very homosexual and erotic dance moves in skimpy clothing 2) The Army and Air Force are jealous the the Navy kicks their ass in football, so they spread false rumors questioning the sexuality of people in the Navy. or 3)People think that because you're on a ship for months at a time, you're somewhat more prone to becoming a homosexual.
Person: Wow, look at that cop in leather pants and the Indian wearing almost nothing. They are dancing like a 14 year old teenage slut, and talking about the U.S Navy. Therefore, the U.S Navy must be gay.
Me: You're a pathetic excuse for a human being.

Army: Wow, Navy just handed our own asses in a cardboard box..AGAIN.
Air Force: Yeah man, they must be gay or something.
Army: Yeah, they probably are gay.

Person: Look at Steve, he's been on a ship for months now sailing in the Atlantic.
Person #2: Yeah, being cramped up all on a ship with other men must make him be more of a homosexual.
Person: Probably!
Person #3: You guys are just jealous that Steve has been to every single European country that touches water, seen more than you will ever see in your life, and has a hot French girlfriend that he met while in France.
Person: NO!
Person #3: Well, both of you are still virgins. You still lose.
Person #2: :(
#navy #u.s navy #u.s. navy #us navy #united states navy
af USNA2013 4. maj 2008
the best branch of the us military ever
i was in the US Navy and not you
#military #guns #kill #ships #boots
af navy boy1996 19. august 2009
The Naval Arm of the american Armed Services Also British Naval Slang for something that is incredibly well equipped but Thunderously Incompetent see also

"all the gear, no idea"
"Yeah He's US navy"
"Jesus He's that stupid?"
#navy #us navy #armed forces #stupid #camels
af Jackasfuck 5. juli 2009
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