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to activate and de-activate cheats and hacks while playing multiplayer games to avoid detection.
WOW OMG that cal-o scrub is toggling!
af Branden AaseN 29. juni 2003
103 14
how not to spell "fridge"
" fridge is spelled F - R - I - D - G - E however toggle is not"
af Tor 16. oktober 2004
69 65
A verb from the DC metro area used as a substitution for a word that is not appropriate to be said outloud, for whatever reason.
Keep your voice down, we're gonna sneak outta my back window and toggle this behind my garage.

Ay gurl, you trying to toggle Mike Hawk?
af NOVIAN 18. august 2009
6 6
the end all be all to adjustments, as well as a smart ass answer to all questions in DC school
Q. How can we end the war in Iraq?
A. Toggle it!
af Neptuneeee 14. november 2007
6 11
To insert one's finger, most commonly the thumb, into the woman's anus while having sex (can be performed during oral sex as well)
"Dude, pretty great move I used recently... I toggled while eating her out."
af Montyleanlikeacholo 13. januar 2010
7 13
To sexually harass someone on Facebook. To sexualize someone's world. Especially for the first time.
Magpie might toggle his culito this weekend.

I like toggling people.
af Candle and Tora 16. september 2008
9 15
To scratch, stroke, or lick the bottom of one's ballsack.
I want you to toggle me in the bubble bath, okay baby?
af ToggleMeister 27. september 2006
13 20