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a name meaning pretty, elegant, slim and graceful in the chinese language.
that pretty girl is ting ting.
af ubtalkerman 14. januar 2012
28 2
To own above all ownes.
The soccer player hooked the ball around the goalie for the wining goal.

Soccer player - " I just ting tinged that goalie!"
af free email 9. oktober 2009
18 16
A penis.
The suspect was caught tugging on his ting ting outside the ladies room at T.G.I Fridays. No charges have been filed.
af Donald Dump 27. april 2011
16 14
Happy little Chinese girl that aspires to be a ninja. Often seen with Robbies.
Hey look, it's Tingting, and she has Robbie on a leash!
af Robbie 10. april 2005
15 15
A kunoichi who worships Killua-sama.
Tingting owns a kitty name robbie.
af Killuazoldyck 10. april 2005
4 12
which is also Mandarin term for a "band stand"
Ting ting, www. thetingtings. com
af leo_c5pk 17. september 2008
11 27
something really good, used when backing people up
*someone hits someone*
'yeah mate! ting ting!'
af Squidgey 28. december 2007
11 31