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used to describe somebody who has attitude, who has a presence.
Alexx says : Hey there Tarek, you sure are spunky today.

Tarek replies : Well thank you Alexx, I've been working out.
af TaLeX 25. maj 2005
469 131
Rocko's dog from the awesome cartoon show Rocko's Modern Life
Damn dude, I wish I had a dog like Spunkey
af The Leader 26. november 2004
217 185
How a female smells after engaging in heterosexual sex.
Wow, Nancy sure is spunky today. And isn't that yesterday's outfit?
af WannaKnowManilow 1. november 2011
118 99
A cool and awesome person or people with lots of pizazz.
Wow Jessica and Ryan sure are a spunky couple. Their wedding was wild and awesome. They sure played some jazzy music and that reception was full of pizazz. One day I hope we can be a couple with swagger like them.
af nobodysbabymama 17. december 2012
40 31
A term of endearment for a incredibly hot, sexy guy.
Check out that spunky guy! He is such a spunky bum that I cant keep my hands off of him!
af Crazy Cat 38 30. oktober 2012
53 45
short for steampunk

(usually) used as an adjective.
"oh, I love your goggles! they're so s'punky!"
af Sugar Quill the Hufflepuff 25. november 2011
3 9
to be brave and determined......
Yo! That girl blowing the boss' cock right now sure is spunky when it comes to getting her paycheck!
af MMM 21. maj 2004
134 143