Top Definition
A group of strapping young men with 12 inch cocks
When the sportsphds put it in, I immediately had to tell them to take it out.
af rj 9. april 2003
1 Word related to sportsphds
Group of yound strapping men, who envoke envious rage because of their national fame and popularity
Someday, I wish I could be one of the sportsphds.
af F4L 9. april 2003
One who knows sports and has a:
That guy is hung like a sportsPHD
af Doot 9. april 2003
Guy with small penis.
The sportsPHD doesn't pleasure women.
af Anonymous 9. april 2003
LOSERS who need therapy
The sportphds are so jealous of the beautiful people from their hometown, they need to talk crap all the time.
af jen 9. april 2003
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