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vulgar. Have sexual intercourse with (someone). An act of sexual intercourse.
Man I slice the hell out of that chick last night.

Would you Slice her? She bad ain't she? I would slice the hell out of that.
af 2-321 afar 20. juli 2013
Hot or sexy girl, also used as sexual reference
Ex. 1- that girls a slice.

Ex. 2- I'd slice that girl.
af nicky cons 2. februar 2010
A part of the hair sheared into the 'fro of a brother.
Barber (sprinkling Ed. Pinaud on a neck duster): "All done, my man. Remind me, you want your slice left, right or down main street?"

Leon (admiring hisself in the mirror): "Slice me left, bro."
af spence25 24. januar 2012
The vagina
I want to lick her in the slice
af Eloquence! 22. januar 2011
Slang for the ladies, derived from pieces of pie
Lookee over there, I reckon I'll have me two of them slices!
af Hillbilly Jo 4. april 2003
An exclamation made when something good has happened or when a goal has been achieved. May also be used to announce victory.
I just talked my way out of a traffic ticket! Slice!

Dude, I just destroyed your fantasy team this week. SLICE!
af Buttsey57 25. juli 2011
Another way to say pizza
hey , can i get a slice?
af Yoimthebombliketicktock 30. maj 2011