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acronym for sitting here stoned.
i'm shs.
af Arnold22 11. august 2011
57 6
Stupid hipster shit. No one else will get what the hell your saying you elitist piece of fuck.
Friend:"Tonight, I mistook David Gordon Green for a butch-presenting lesbian..."
That's SHS!
af Biscuitface 4. juni 2013
10 7
Internet acronym for "slow head shake", to be used when someone does something stupid or inexplicable.
John's Status Update: I'm calling my ex!

John's Friend's Update: Dude, SHS.
af crmbcrspcoating 7. juli 2013
8 6
Acronym for Slut Hip Syndrome. The pain a person gets after having their legs spread so wide apart during sex.
Sex was wild last night and now my S.H.S. is acting up.
af SHS72 14. september 2011
1 1
Acronym for Same Hole Syndrome

A condition where one is tired of having sex with the same woman. The only known cure is to replace and repeat.
Tiger Woods was not suffering from having a Sex Addiction he was suffering from SHS.
af krakorjak 31. januar 2011
20 20
Acronym for Sitting Here Smirking, standing here smiling, etc. an alternative to lol similar to stm.
Texter 1: (says random funny shit)
Texter 2: LOL
Texter 1: who the fuck LOLs while texting?
Texter 2: oh yeah SHS
af losers win @ yahoo.com 12. juni 2009
67 67
Acronym for spalding high school. A high school in Griffin, Georgia also known as Griptown as referenced to in Atlanta rapper's songs.
S.H.S. or spalding high school sucks ass.
af Splading high student 10. oktober 2007
3 3