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originated from the famous ikea advert.
"Shlomping is for you-hoo"
af mattyrrsampson 30. november 2004
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Sitting in once place for many hours playing games and eating junk food.
Jered, James, Dylan, Joey, Eric, Shawn, and I shlomped for 18 hours watching dragon ball z.
af Lavawarrior 17. december 2009
Once we got back from an exhilarating night, we headed to bed and she began to massage my shlomp!
af Dre Tears 25. april 2010
sitting in a bent way
dan assleap
af danny cadman 26. april 2003
Shlomp. /shh-lowm-p/ adj. colloq. 1. To waste a day by wanking
John : What you do on saturday?

Fred : Spent the day shlomping

John: k
af Smoogenchong 14. september 2008