Super High Intensity Training, I read about this in a chain mail waaaaaaay back in '97.
1.I give my friends a lot of s.h.i.t. to help them prepare for the realities of the real world.
2. Boot Camp is full of s.h.i.t.
af S.H.I.T. Eater 28. december 2004
An acronym for a phrase used to describe a very ugly woman or very pretty man. Used to define when you cant tell the sex of the person being described.

She He IT. = S.H.I.T.

Can also be used to describe your face.
Awww shit. (said in a dissapointed tone)
af Jestin Sane (Ima rapper) 18. november 2003
So Happy It's Thursday
Used in the same manner as "Thank God It's Friday"
af J. Crispino 7. november 2003

Acronym for Super Hydraulic Instant Transporter
Apparently no SHIT's have been made yet with today's technology
af Roy Fenton 11. oktober 2006
Super High Intensity Training
Mother:"Where you going son"

Son:"Fer some S.H.I.T."
af the_surf 15. januar 2006
Slang term for the black people.
look at that disgusting shit nigger.
af sfafghdhea 10. januar 2006
any kind of item that has no value!
You got more shit than waste managment!!
af Wade Mc 13. oktober 2006

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