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An irresistable man's man who seduces women with his witticisms and more notably with his extraordinarily handsome yet bestial looks. This beast-like man is the envy of all other men and the desire of all women and lives solely for hedonistic pleasure only.
Oh, Chris, you sexy beast, I want you now. (then he turns on the TV)
af The Sexy Beast 18. februar 2004
758 283
someone that is hot as hell
Your mom is a sexy beast
af Anonymous 5. november 2003
592 203
Someone so impossibly gorgeous it's alarming
Steve is a sexy beast
af Jenny 16. oktober 2003
397 150
A man of such magnificent physical features that women flock to him. He is aware of his pleasuresome appearance and exposes it for all to see and desire. Women love him and worhsip his looks, men want to be him and become envious imitators, but to be a true Sexy Beast, it must come naturally.
Oh my look at Jeff, what a Sexy Beast. He is so hot, I want to touch it.

Jeff is such a Sexy Beast that looking at him makes me want to be on the show.

af Jenn27 24. januar 2007
233 91
You. As in the person sitting right here reading this definition.
you are a sexy beast.
af Kelli 20. november 2003
142 24
To be a sexy beast you must always be unbelievalbly sexy at all times, no matter what you are doing. You can snap your fingers and get whatever you want at any time due to your ability to be incrediably sexy.
Aileen is the sexiest sexy beast I've ever seen, I want a piece of that.
af Sexy beast Aileen 11. januar 2006
219 119
Someone unbelievably hot; Hotter than imaginable; makes u melt
Kenny is the biggest sexy beast i hve ever seen!
af Me 6. november 2003
152 73