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1) a close friend
2) used as an acceptable international greeting of a person whos name is unknown to you or one of which you have forgotten
1) "wassup son!"
2) "wassup son."
af The Raven 15. juli 2003
1109 268
the east coast equivalent of homie, mainly used in new york
yo wat up son? hold it down
af kickak 8. marts 2005
1079 243
Can be used to:
1. Address a friend
2. Talk down to someone
1. Oh shit son! That G is about to cap you with his four-four. You better run son!
2.Son, your ass just got beat by this heat I have under my hood. Pay up bitch.
af JTizzle 3. juli 2004
522 168
1) A term of endearment for someone, usually a friend. Mostly refers to a male, but sometimes female.

2) Also sometimes used to show your anger or displeasure at someone.
I need your help, son!

Son, watch yo mouth, yer gonna get a cap in yer ass.
af Vyxen 23. november 2004
286 169
Friendly inclusive pronoun.
Derogatory pronoun, implying inferiority.
"Whats up, Son."
"I feel bad for you Son."
af J M Z 2. december 2006
163 95
term used among guys to call each other
Yo son you need to chill on that
af Dawn 15. juni 2002
135 97
1. term of endearment to a male friend.

2. derogatory term used to emphasize that the other person, may or may not be a friend, is on a level lower than your own.
1. let's chill in my crib son.

2. A BG says: After I’m done with school my first job will be CEO of Microsoft.
An OG sets the record straight: What color is the sky in your world, son?
af Arpi J 29. september 2006
72 41