A British slang word that can be translated into American lingo in several ways.

1. It can be used in the way Americans use the words fag or queer to refer to someone who is:

* A homosexual: "Joe is proud to be a ponce."

* A man who is not homosexual but displays effeminate or overly diva like behaviors: "I wish Joe would stop wearing all that cologne shit. He smells like a bloody ponce."

* As an insult to a man who may not be homosexual and/or effeminate, but is someone you hate: "Joe really pissed me off yesterday with that stunt. If that ponce pulls that shit again today, I'm going to kick his ass."

2. Ponce can be used like the words wuss or pussy to describe someone you feel is weak in some way: "So Joe and I came to blows the other day. He fights like a fucking ponce though so I wasn't hurt in the fight."
Joe is proud of the fact he a ponce.

I wish Joe would stop bathing in cologne. He smells like a bloody ponce.

Joe pissed me off yesterday. If that ponce pulls that shit again, I'm going to kick his ass.

Joe and I got into a fight, but he hits like a total ponce so I wasn't hurt at all.
af Sodakak 3. december 2015
A guy who dresses polished and fashionable. Always has his hair combed perfect.
Doug; Whos the new guy working at the club is he a fag or something?

Kyle; Nah fool that's Abel he's ponce.

stylish fly pimp prince pretty
#pons #pawns #ponse #poser #preppy
af Knightrook 12. marts 2010
Someone who is creepy in a posh way OR someone who is just plain retarded.
Hey, look at that creepy posh guy standing over there wearing the polo shirt and the leather shoes. He's totally a ponce.
#posh #creepy #weird #polo shirts #annoying
af Gleeklover 11. juli 2011
a person that has a certain "poncy" quality, when you see one you just know ;)
boy 1: "did you see arthur at the party?"

boy 2: "nahh mate i missed him"

boy 1:"well he was trying to look classy and superior but yet had too short of trousers and looked like he took it up the rear "

boy 2:"haha he's such a ponce!"
#poncy #snob #snobby #metrosexual #dick
af <3ponces 9. juli 2010
To beat someone up, or attack them.
Dont mess with me, or else ill ponce you.
#ponce #beat up #kick ass #attack #pull hair
af Gregory Free 19. marts 2012
(noun)-A temporarily lost or permanently lost article(s) of clothing. If you have no idea where your shirt is, it immediately a "ponce".
Where are my Ponce ?!?!?!!?!?!
#lost #pants #found #missing #shirt
af The hidden 174 4. august 2011
A person who spends large ammounts of time or money trying to make themselves appear cool, but perhaps in a peculiar manner, buying expensive and peculiar items of clothing or spending large ammounts of time doing peculiar activites, that are overly expensive such as water skiing or playing xbox.
Camille: "Sophie do you want to go out and get some curry"
Sophie: "Na might stay in and try and get a handjob on the xbox from that myles guy and be careful don't spill Curry on my new Prada's £500 they were"
Camille: "After we can spend bare time on urban dictionary and playing bounce yeah?"
Sophie: "Sure, better than trying on girl's shoes and wearing a fur trapper thats so ponce"
#poncey #ponse #ponsey #ponsish #uberponse
af HEAFFEY 1. december 2009
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