Piss is a slang term for Heroine
he works his ass of for piss.
af flizer 17. juni 2005
a friend/"homie" that is cool.
jimmy-yo wut up piss
bob-chillin piss just chillin
af jhon mcgath 21. februar 2004
A vulgar way of saying pee.
Bob: I just pissed my pants bro!
af KingOfPotatoes 12. maj 2016
Pink is solid sometimes.
Schizo: Dude, P.I.S.S.
Joie: That guy is actually rocking it today with that pink flannel.
Schizo: I know dude, pink is most definitely solid sometimes.
#solid #zudo #p.i.s.s. #pink #sometimes #zudorian #zudochick #zudodick #schizo #joie
af schizozudo 18. august 2015
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