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The concept of being obsessed with sex
All that girl ever thinks about it sex; she's so OBSEXED.
af Toni G 5. juli 2005
23 7
being obsessed with the idea of sex with another person.
We accept that Liz has some rack, but Matt is getting obsexed with her by the day!
af scrabbler89 3. december 2010
4 0
To be so obsessed with sex that EVERYTHING is sexual.
Kenny is so obsexed he can't even watch a girl eat a carrot.
af LunarEclipsedWordslut 19. marts 2010
3 0
Obsessed with sex in speech, thought, action or theme.
That's what's wrong with the media these days- they're obsexed.
af Kwesi 7. oktober 2007
6 3
To be obsessed ( sexually ) with someone or something.
I'm totally obsexed with Benedict Cumberbatch right now, gurl.
af Ellshizzle 25. april 2014
0 0