A product made my tomatoes.
I put ketchup on everything.
af Saints 22. oktober 2003
A word used in elementary school when "shut-up" is banned by the administration.
Brian: Hey Marcie, gimme some of those hot cheetos.
Marcie: Ketchup!
#hush #shush #be quiet #shut-up #close your mouth
af Faithful Elephant 3. november 2009
Tomato flavored syrup.
"What is this I'm licking off your chest?"
#ketchup #tomato #syrup #chest #kerry #heinz
af T-bonet 13. februar 2009
A tomato based condiment used to spice up yo night.
I got ready and blew ketchup all over that HO's face.
af asphault 21. april 2005
ketchup; a synonym for a red totamotoey liquid mushed up.
Kendra, will you please pass the ketchup?
#ketchup #catsup #red #liquid #moist
af Kendraaaaaaaameoww 14. oktober 2011
is when you go round a persons house who is not of a nice clean nature and their house is dirty and smells of bo, rotting food , gone off tomatoe ketchup.
God that holly girl i went round her house the other day and she is a ketchup with her ketchup friends hannah and her 2 children emily and jas ewwww! clean your house
#skank #bo #smell #bad #cheap
af megan.wow 14. april 2009
Time of month because your period is red and ketchup red so ...
also see monthly visitor
girl 1"Hey you wanna come over for a sleepover?"
girl 2"No i cant, Ive got ketchup until friday"
#mayo #kechup #time of month #pms #monthly visitor
af Kitchy Kitchy 6. februar 2010
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