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1. To masturbate. Usually associated with males.
2. To procrastinate.
1. Stop jerking off in my classroom, Billy!
2. "O Lord, do we have the strength to carry out this mighty task in one night? Or are we just jerking off?" -Blazing Saddles
af Jerry 7. september 2004
774 225
Masturbating (particularly males)
I love to jerk off to porn
af 10314 20. april 2005
535 182
"he loves jerking off. I hope so; he'll never get laid."
af anonymous 19. august 2003
478 205
something that you don't do at someone else's house
OMG did u hear that kevin was jerking off at brian's house??!!!
af not eton 28. marts 2007
379 193
1. The act of masturbating.
2. "Jerking" off your clitoris or penis in order to orgasm.
3. May apply to both females and males - slang word.
"I don't have a dick but I can still jerk off!"
"I'm a girl, jerking off is possible."
"I believe that jerking off is an activity all females and males should participate in for the greater good of the world - it also burns calories."
af allnaturalMSG 20. maj 2008
249 180
The act of consuming a delicious beef jerky snack.
My mom asked "How do you eat that stuff"? after she caught me jerking off last night.
af Pirate Suite 20. januar 2008
231 269
Someone getting fucky wiht the opposite sex
af Jer 19. oktober 2003
102 483