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1) a random boredom word
2) something you say while thinking
3) a gorgeous female of great power
'hm, now what was i thinking?'
af crystal 2. april 2003
286 116
High maintainence. Usually refering to a woman.
Person 1: You see that girl with the prada bag checking out the dude in the shiny shirt?

Person 2: Yeah, she is crazy HM.
af Bruler 4. maj 2004
180 122
Usually a word used for saying you either don't know what to say or are currently thinking. Usually used in text language or on IM services.
Person 1: I don't know what to do!
Person 2: Hm...
af DouchePig2 13. marts 2009
117 79
a word mostly women use that institutes intense wonder in the guy, thus giving her such power in only one small grunt-type majiig.

It is also used to make other people wonder what you're thinking about, or is used to pretend you're listening...
guy: "I'm so sorry, I tried calling you."
girl: "hm"

af Revlen 28. februar 2006
76 68
A hard but enjoyable mastibate.
just had a h.m. in the bathroom.
af s.j 29. januar 2006
29 21
His/Her Majesty.

Title given to the highest of the British (and some other) royal families
HM the Queen.
af Gumba Gumba 13. april 2004
56 57
hot mama. for all you ladies out there, this word is for you! and my old sixth grade class mate. lol
me: i think that guy is wearing mascra.

my friend: OMG! hm!!! lol
af mysteriously weird 8. december 2010
24 27