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A "Hipster" is a person who insists on having an opinion outside of what is actual. They like to define things that do not need an exact definition, like why Kings of Leon or U2 are popular. They hate being called "Hipster" and will deny they are hipster. They wear often wear a scarf with a jacket and hat, even when it is not cold enough to wear them. They often listen to music too loud and too inappropriate for the situation. They like going to local concerts to watch really bad bands play extremely long songs which really suck. They often listen to Mars Volta and other bands that suck. They will often watch independent movies and claim that they are the "best movies ever" and especially like Donnie Darko and other works by Richard Kelly. They are often confused culturally and like to associate themselves with things they do not actually belong to. They also ask you to turn down your volume, so that they can hear without interference.
Donnie Darko Fans, Mars Volta Fans, Guys who can't grow beards but insist that they have good ones, People who drink one beer and then act drunk the rest of the night, People who leave music on intentionally while they are not around to hear it, Anti-American Americans, Hipsters like to use really big words that do not fit, and like to put credit where it is not due, Hipsters will say things like "Spielbergian" or "Michael Bayesque" instead of "Good Movie" or "Good special effects"
af John Archer 12. december 2009
A subculture of twenty-something guys or girls that live in gentrified areas of large cities (Williamsburg, New York, Wicker Park, Chicago) who aesthetisize their life as a means of justifying their existence by shopping at thrift stores, hanging out at used book stores and listening to indie music that has not yet been picked up by the mainstream. Hipsters generally drink a lot (Pabst Blue Ribbon), smoke a lot (Parliament Lights) and usually went to college majoring in art, philosophy, or English. Recently, there has also been a trend of hipsters that pursue majors in the hard sciences.

The easiest way to spot a hipster is by the way one is dressed. A typical hipster guy will probably be wearing trendy skinny jeans made by Levi's and a tight, old t-shirt with some Chuck Taylors. Their hair ranges from medium to long and is usually a little messy and parted to the side. A typical hipster girl will also wear skinny jeans, paired with wedges or other cutesy shoes and an eighties-inspired shirt with a strategically-placed bandanna somewhere in the mix. Their hair is very cute.

While hipsters enjoy elements of the indie aesthetic like unknown bands, thrift store clothes and appreciation of art (indie films, contemporary art, beat writers of the 50's), they also can appreciate mainstream things (i.e. Justin Timberlake). However, they will usually justify their tastes by claiming to like whatever the mainstream thing is in irony.
Hipster #1: God, I love this new Justin Timberlake song!
Hipster #2: I know! It's like, hilarious because he's so ridiculous, but I can't help but listen to it over and over again!
Hipster #1: I know...can I bum a P-funk?
af Oooh! 12. november 2006
Someone who likes to follow that hype. But not to be confused with the hypebeast. He/she follows the opposite of the hypebeast hype. Usually into some weird retro look. Wears Vans most of the time. Probably plays guitar. 10 out of 10 times a hipster is gay.
Christine: Yo do you have a fedora
Adam: No why would I?
Christine: Just figured you would since you are a hipster.
Adam: oo truz
af Barrybassboy 10. januar 2010
People who have lots of money...Correction, people who have parents with lots of money. They go into "urban" Neighborhoods because they have culture and personality and the hipsters want to appear "hip" and "cool" to all of their rich friends. not really understanding that when they move in the rent goes up and the "average Joe's" have to move out. Sending the Average Joe's into a crime infested neighborhood. Hipsters usually walk around with their nose in the air thinking they are better than everybody assuming that all human beings are "puppets in a big puppet show" when really they are making themselves look even more vapid and clueless....Now due to the economy they are sucking the very tit of humanity they once looked down upon.
Average Joe: long day working at two jobs. Time to tuck the kids in and relax...

Note on the door: *rent went up. Now pay $1000*

Average Joe: What? how can this be? I can barely make rent now and I don't want to move into the ghetto. (turns head)

Hipster (sipping a latte chatting with rich friend): Well, I decided to move here because it has so much culture and the people here are my muse I mean, ever since I moved in I have just been creating art work after crappy art work! I certainly wouldn't have had any inspiration at 740 park avenue,Manhattan.

Average Joe: I don't understand. Those Hipsters can afford the most expensive Apartment building in New York, But they decide to move here?
af debbiedowner 11. juli 2009
The personification of insecurity, brattiness and bizarre sense of entitlement.
The prevalence of hipsters in a neighborhood is an indicator for gentrification.
af Joshua Kaden 3. november 2003
Hipsters are people doing anything more modern and/or trendy than I am. Old farts are people doing anything less modern and/or trendy than I am. The trick is to somehow monitor your lawn for the former while partying on the lawn of the latter.

Get off my lawn you f*ck'n hipsters!
af Joe Nyarlathotep 1. august 2008
In the 1940s and 1950s it meant beatniks, bohemians, people into jazz and poetry, pushing the extremes when it came to sex and substance abuse, etc. etc.

Today it means what poseur meant in the 70s/80s - an insult for pseudo intellectual young people who claim to be into obscure pop culture of the past and are into co-opting cool stuff, and adopt white trash chic like trucker hats or Pabst Blue Ribbon, While being a 21st century hipster is preferable to being a gangsta, wigger, or yuppie, it's still nothing to be proud of today.
There is a book called "The Hipster Handbook" that made up fake "hipster" slang thinking that someone would fall for it

The only thing in common between the hipsters of the mid 20th century and those of today is that both are associated with New York City
Jack Kerouac was an example of a 1950s hipster.

Julian Casablancas is an example of a 21st century hipster
af Rattus cattus 5. juli 2006