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A place that seems to get further and further away as humans' scientific knowledge improves.
About 100 years ago, Heaven was right above our heads. Then, when we started flying airplanes, it wasn't there, so it was moved right above the atmosphere. Finally, when we sent people into outer space and to the moon, it wasn't there either, so now Heaven is way past Pluto somewhere.
af star8706 7. november 2003
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Some how people have seemed to confuse heaven with an old 20's movie. Has nothing to do with harps or our ideal place. It is a place to spend eternity with our Creator. It is completely perfect and there will be no pain or suffering, but only a perfect existence.
No, I'm not mormon.
Just for reference, hell sucks. In fact, it is a place of complete isolation with fire and crap. Somehow, people seem to think that they will have mass orgies and parties. Who got owned now?
af Pat 2. april 2004
In my opinion heaven and hell cannot even be imagined or even fathomed by a human. Heaven is happiness beyond what you would ever hope to wish for and hell is torture for which there is no description, no comparable human relation at all. So, i really doubt the whole wild sex orgy thing.
af Anonymous 3. oktober 2003
A higher vibration of thought. It is not above us, nor around us. It is simply a different plane of reality beyond our current understanding.

Everything is a vibration. Einsein proved that everything is energy, but on different frequencies of vibration, and that matter was simply energy condesned to a slow vibration.

Light is a vibration, and so is sound. They are both on an infinite spectrum, they are both seperated by 7 defined colours, or notes in a scale. Sound revolves in octaves, basically the 8th notes is just a repetition of the first note but at a higher frequency. The same is for light. If you create a clour circle, notice how there is always a clour to fill everygap, that red mixes into orange, into yellow, into green, into blue, into purple, back into red. So then, does light not work in octaves too?

So, if everything is a vibration. Does that not mean our thoughts/consciousness is not a vibration? Well, I believe it is, and I also believe there to be octaves of thought. Heaven is simply a higher vibration of thought, so it is a different reality to the one that we understand, like we cannot see into the UV spectrum of light.

The reason why we have been taught that love is the way into heaven is becaus love is a unifying emotion. When we are in love we wish to be around the things that we are in love with, and we feel more together. Heaven is simply where everything is in perfect love. There is no seperation.

Hate is a seperating emotion. When we are hateful, we wish to have nothing to do with the things that we hate, and we feel seperation from them. Hell isn't a reality though. I believe that we are already in the lowest vibration of thought possible. God is only a force of creation. But God is love, because before the 'Big Bang' there was only one nothingness. And so, the reason why love is pleasureable is because we exist to become unified once again.

There are also higher octaves above heaven. Heaven is only 1 octave above us now. Heaven is a 5dimensional existence. 4 spacial dimensions and 1 time dimension. the extra dimension is due to our understanding of reality, and this dimension is linked to our consciousness. We can manipulate our reality by thought, rather than thought, then action. This is why it is a place that is beyond our comprehention. We cannot directly manipulate our reality, and so we are sometimes bored because our thoughts do not instantly entertain our actualility.

In heaven, there is no boredom. But there is still room for improvement. In the octave above heaven (as far as my understanding will take me) we are pure energy, pure consciousness. We have lost the need for any physical form, and even in heaven, we are more energy than we are material anyway.
Light - 7 colours
Sound - 7 notes
Consciousness - 7 Chakra's

Everything moves in circles - the most perfect and infinite of shapes.
af Buck 30. april 2005
Whether an actual place, or merely a concept, the appeal of Heaven is that of another world – a better world – a fresh start – a second chance, to live in death what you had dreamt in life.
Chinese food.
A Pacific breeze
An eternity to spend,
With not just a lover, but also a friend.
af nethcev! 24. august 2006
Is it a place, or is it a state of being? Heaven is perfect. Well, it is where there is no time, because time is simply ongoing change. How can something perfect change? It is everlasting happiness.
af Anonymous 15. juni 2003
The place where creatures such as God and good angels live peacefully without even having the slightest idea of what money and power stand for.
One day we'll "Knock on Heaven's Door..."
af Nicolas Dolisy 12. december 2004
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