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What one says when they are annoyed or insulted.
Ex. 1- "Geeze, would you go away already?"

Ex. 2- "Lay off me already, geeze."
af CoshSA 30. maj 2005
210 101
it is short for gee-wizz.
Geeze, that really sucks.
af Maisy Metrix 12. februar 2006
87 61

Aussie slang for 'look'.
"Give that ass a geeze fellas."
af Shyjinx22 19. januar 2012
23 9
the sound people make when they are surprised or scared.
geeze louise, Bess, that is one mighty fine apple pie!
af hiiii 4. november 2003
66 54
Another word for Jesus.
geeze this is so stupid!!
af System Ofa Down 8. maj 2004
73 99
Geeze is often used by someone who has just been insulted or teased. More often than not it is used after being teased.
"I was with your mom last night."

"Geeze... well you suck."
af fatwinks 5. februar 2005
29 67
A way of referring to a friend or acquaintance.
Jeff - Alright geeze?
Ed - Yes fine thanks.
af Edsonic 29. december 2004
37 86