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A high class sophisticated socialite. Term of endearment in the work force.
Where's our foo? Is she in another meeting?

Our Josi-Foo's out to lunch, schmoozin with the upper crust again.
af Neocoo 8. august 2007
3 19
that what must be fought. see foo fighters
Dave Grohl makes a living fighting foo.
af Seth Nicaragua 6. februar 2004
8 24
When somthing is Dysfunctional, or not working properly. If something/someone is not "normal."

If something or someone is odd in behavior, action, or just existance
Out of the ordinary
1)Gosh, why is this computer not working...its being so FOO.

2)That clock is so Foo, its tilted 25 degrees off center.

3)Why are there 4 coffe cups full of water in that microwave? Foo much..
af audschrismalizdeepsnayo 4. november 2009
3 20
what the foo fighters fight
the foo fighters fight foo
af futuramafan 4. marts 2008
20 37
stuff fought by an awesome band called foo fighters
dude: man they are kicking the shit out of that foo
dude2: wtf is foo?
dude: your mom is foo, now shut up and listen
af foo fighter 23. maj 2005
6 23
short for "phooey"; term used when something goes unaccording to plan or when something unexpected happens.
"Foo! That wasn't supposed to happen!"
af kaili 20. juni 2004
6 23