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a shorter form of the words "for sure"; meaning totally, of course, etc.
Olivia is coming to the party fosho!
af Maggaroni12 21. april 2009
45 16
'For Sure' or Most definetly... Also meaning of course, or yes, yeah, ja, si, mmm hmmm , uh huh...
>Yo' Homme you wanna hit up that joint t'night?
>'Oh Fo' Sho' Dawg...
af JB 13. februar 2003
47 28
means "for sure", in agreement
That nigga is fresh, fo sho.
af JackyDee 28. februar 2008
30 17
(GUY 1)You think you can hook me up at your new job?

af HD2STP 13. juli 2009
24 14
An affirmative answer of reassurance.
Yo,did you hit that last night?Fo'sho'you know how we do.
af Johnny1644 16. januar 2006
11 1
usually said at the end of a sentence to solidify your answer to a question
friend: Mmm-hmm.. yeah, "hurtin for a squirtin." Yeah, I wrote that

friends gf: Oh, so you wrote, "ho fo sho?"

friend: Yeah, I remember that girl. She was a ho. for sho
af LearningtoFly 1. august 2009
21 12
fo'sho is a totally cool and epic way of saying 'for sure'.

commonly used by such celebrities such as christofer drew and alex gaskarth. fo'sho is sometimes referred to as a 'chris thaaang'.
loren and katie are dons fo'sho.
af laaaaa:) 15. januar 2011
8 0