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To turn police informant in order to beat a rap.
"We (police) flipped him...Foley was a confidential informant."
af Christian Emde 6. december 2007
42 44
to totally switch up on a person and turn from friend to enemy. Mostly when you rob a friend and do them "dirty".
Fuck Kevin, that nigga's bout 2 get flipped on.
af 2La 13. maj 2004
79 35
describes a person who changes their sexual preference
"She used to like guys but she flipped."
af kyohaku 6. august 2008
40 34
When a girl gets passed around for sex at a party.
"girl you're getting flipped tonight; you're too damn hot and wasted to waste this"
af missjackson 27. maj 2012
31 25
high , temporarily impaired , mindbending experience of any form
after mulitiple generous THCeasar salad style bong loads my brains activity functions abnormally in a pleasant fashion . . . " I am flipped "
af T.H.C.easar Romero 8. juli 2006
35 35
when a man flips a woman over and does her doggy-style agressively
"i wanna get flipped tonight"

"i wish mark would stop being so romantic and just let me get flipped"
af da baddest girl up in here 12. september 2009
52 56
Beating a level or entire game of any video game.
Damn i just flipped stage 2 of double dragon
af Romo IS awesome 30. august 2006
20 37