MOST RESPECTED PEOPLE IN THE WORLD!! HARD WORKING AND GENEROUS PEOPLE : ) oh and for number 1 you can shut the fuck up because my mommy works two to three jobs so she is definetly not a loser like your ass so if i was you, i would close my mouth. Thankyou all for your time. BUH BYE!!
Eu Look at that Filipino. She can have my baby.

That Filipino girl looks hard working. Let us hire her.
af none of your gosh damn business 29. december 2007
first of all>> to all those dumb fucks whov been writing stupid shit bout filipinos must be on crack.
imma break down tha real stori for u. Native filipinos r short black people called negritos>> but n some islands there r malayans>> and n the other islands r the somoans.
until the spaniards came and invaded d country for centuries then d white people, then some of the asian mix came. Philippines s n between d pacific ocean and Asia. so basicalli we r a whole lot of difference race. mix wth alot of cultures, real filipinos know how to party hard and has tempting swag, usualli loud. but real Hot! like Nicole from d pussycat dolls and cassie. filipinos are nevah scared. If you were born in the philippines you woul
d know all about the streets, how to spin your money. And filipinos are good in bed they're more liberated than all of these sissy virgins around
dam! whos that cutie?
oh its that new girl, i guess shes a filipina.

he's a filipino
af Pinoy1 18. oktober 2007
the typical citizen of backword country.
there are two kinds of filipinos,
good filipino and bad filipino.

filipinos have laziness caused by tropical climate.
"bahala ka"
filipino seems they have no sexual identities.
aka "bakla" or "bading"
af jaeseunglee 30. december 2007
28.. (mocking you) oO Filipinos are annoying. I wish i was Filipino. I am just a stupid motherfucker that talks about Filipinos because I want to be one. OH JOY!! THEIR IS A FILIPINO!! I AM GOING TO SAY HI TO THEM!! Look MR or MRS Filipinos are NOT lazy. They are definetly hard working ass people. Maybe your the lazy one. My mommy works two to three jbos and we do not copy your shit. YOU COPY OURS SO STOP WITH THAT YOU FUCKING PIECE OF NOTHING!! Their voices are not annoying. Maybe your annoyed because you like them so much. Sorry for the truth lame-o. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.. FILIPINO!!!!!!!!! " CHEESES HUGELY" BYE BYE
That girl is a Filipino. You can tell. She dresses up nicely and she stays original.

af none of your gosh damn business 29. december 2007
1. type at a rate of 10-20WPM
2. maids that keep houses clean
3. lovers of karaoke
4. have worse broken english than singaporeans and malaysians.
filipino1: "h----i------"
filipino2: "h-----o---w-----is-----u"

s'porean: "(insert philo name here), make sure you crean the house whiles i go work can?"
filipino maid: "yes sir, i always keep house crean"

filipino1: "after tha party is there karoake?"
filipino2: "ofcorZz the kBOX alwys happn'n here"

4. see above
af nagapleaz 10. april 2007
OK.....filipino's are ASIANS!!!! get it right.... not Pacific Islanders. Pacific Islanders are like people from Samoa, Tonga, Cook Is etc. Filipino's act black and think they can fight but really they just asians with darker skin. so thats ALL you need to know about the filipino race. So when you see a filipino say to them "stop tryin to be black... your not" and dont worry because they wont do anything as long as your with a samoan/tongan...!!
Hey filipino boy! You aint black..
he says "what the fuck u say?"
(big samoan/tongan dude steps infront of you)
and then you say "WATTTTTT".....
af kai-tenga 27. juli 2006
people from an island located in southeast asia (not east asia) called philippines.

living here for more than 5 years..
i find that most filipinos are

1. lazy
(if you wanna get something done in this country
you gotta wait at least 2 weeks.. when you can get it
done in 3 days in the states.. -filipinos, come on it's
true.. if you've never gone out of your country
well too bad)

2. filipinos think all the foreigners are rich

3. their language sounds annoying..
(tagal tagal mahal ko kang yang kayo nang)

4. filipino women are desperate to marry foreigners..
because the filipino men are too poor
they wanna get out of poverty through marrying
a rich foreigner (usually age of 60+ you can see a lot
of filipino young woman& white old grandpa couples
in the philippines)

5. filipinos think that the philippines is better than
indonesia or malaysia or other neighboring countries of
southeast asia when they're all equally poor

6. they are like little kids. they just wanna hve fun
that's why their country's so poor

7. They think UP, which is apparently... the best
university in the philippines .. is one of the
top universities of the world. when in fact, its
rank is so low that its name is no where to be found
on the booklet of top 500 universities in the world
(a supplement to Time in 2002)

5' is tall in this country.

9. they are noisy.
their babbling mouths never shut up.

10. filipinos are desperate american wanna bes
and they're such copy cats they must copy everything
from the states like their tv shows and they wanna
have their children born in the states so that
they can be american citizens

11. their taglish or watever it's called,
which is mixture of their language called tagalog
and english, is ANNOYING
don't fuck our language up why do you must copy
everything from us just speak your damn language
don't mix it with ours and make it sound hella
fucking irritating and annoying

12. their diet is meat and rice

KFC here sucks they sell fried chickens with rice what the hell

english with filipino accent is freaken annoying
af qiuwtp 4. maj 2007
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