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a Turkish origined name with the meaning; brave, heroic, stouthearted..
Oh Lord, that guy is quite erman, see how he is confident over huge waves..
af Kohen23 14. juni 2010
11 3
A sex act where a man sticks his cock in the other man's ass and the man who was stuck in the ass says ERMAN and the man sticking the cock in his ass says shut the fuck up and tape's his mouth shut for 1-120 minutes
My boyfriend ERMAN'ed all night.
af Billy Maddison41 19. januar 2008
27 26
A turkish person who likes you bath in chilli sauce as he rubs his pubes all over his face.
Erman, you're such a turk you know that?
af staepropertybitch 9. oktober 2006
18 25