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sand nigger, a derogative term used to describe any one of brownish tan skin and of arabic descent
Osama Binladen is the biggest buck futting dune coon alive
af derr 16. juni 2004
1226 230
A racial slur used to decribe a person in the Middle East
Stupid dune coons got shot by the US Army.
af j 14. maj 2003
701 207
reference to one who is from a sandy area in the middle east
Damn abu.. quit being a dune coon!
af Rah 3. januar 2003
495 174
A slur used in America concerining persons of Arabian descent.
Osama Bin Laden is a major dune coon.
af Black 2. marts 2005
347 134
Any dark skinned person whos ancestors were originally from a country with a large desert/wasteland such as Egypt and other Middle Eastern and North African countries.
Look at that guy with the turban what a dune coon
af Kyle Harris 4. januar 2006
277 125
A dune coon is the same as a sand nigger, or arabic person. mostly reffering to people from the middle east.
omfg! that dune coon has a bomb!!!
af acdcrules 1. januar 2006
239 89
Slang for a middle eastern, usually loves Osama Bin Laden and enjoys committing suicide.
"I am not what you americans call a "dune coon", i just have dirty turban."
af Wawk R 25. oktober 2005
277 160