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A contempory slang term used for an amount of money.
Q) Man, u wanna catch that new movie?
A) Nah, Im outta Dosh!
af gillios 12. oktober 2003
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Currency, money, cash, moola
Wan't to grab a berr?
Can't man, got no dosh.
af Anonymous 21. februar 2003
giz all ya dosh or al blow ya head off with me shotgun
af geordie 24. oktober 2003
Noun: Money, cash, dough. Usually an uncertain amount.
Sound: The onomatopoeic sound of money(usually in a wad) slapped down on a table or something of the like.
Noun: "All my dosh was stolen was last night when I was robbed."
Sound: Cashier: "Alright sir that'll be $3:50.
A Rich motherfucker: "Alright give me a second..."
af Son_ofSpartacus 6. juli 2014
To serve up, to share.
Dosh out those spuds mum
af Madrigor 12. december 2012
Old skool term to money, bling, pingas...
af Anon 15. september 2003
To be used in place of give, pass, chuck or any similar words.
Oi Nick dosh me the phone.
Hey Lach dosh us some food.
af Dole Nath 14. januar 2012

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