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A girl with a fat booty.
Damn that girl got a donkey.
af Sheena_Thick 29. november 2003
1014 448
A bad poker player who doesn't actually know how bad he is.
That donkey just dropped 40k in less than 2 hours at the No Limit table!
af Leeno 10. november 2005
853 322
A term used to describe a girl with a fat ass
Look at that girl she got a donkey!
af Candler Wingo 8. maj 2005
565 367
a foolish person that acts an ass
act a donkey!
that fool is a strate up donkey!
af anonymous 15. januar 2003
390 284
a person who is being or acting like an idiot/ass
Man that kid is such a donkey.
af Matty 8 21. oktober 2007
153 69
Used towards a male: he got a big cock
Used towards a female: she got a big ass
towards male: damn that nigga is hung like a donkey nahmean
towards female: damn look at that girl she got a DONKEY (aka badunkadunk, wagon, booty)
af anonymous 27. august 2003
379 328
A big ass.
Damn girl you got a big donkey. He Ha.
af CB 3. februar 2003
243 202