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verb. also: domP. describes the process of drinking huge amounts of champagne dom pérignon.
a: man, i have got such an hangover from all that booze last night.
b: bad luck, i sticked to the champagne and domped me through.
af pfenech 13. maj 2008
79 22
An urban slang for Dom Perignon champange.
Shit, we been jus dom p'n it up in here.
af sixiLiX 26. december 2002
49 11
dirty old man panties
Hey pick up your domps off the floor.
af Dompstomper 2. januar 2011
9 10
to domp is to excel in competition or pimpin, and to be domped is to be fucked up or shamed especially when high
1.you: man you beat me at mario kart again!

me: straight domped!

2. "dude jerrys fucked up I think we should take him to the hospital"


3. Dude that chick is dompin
af rompusroom 8. maj 2009
8 24
dons became a domp after recieving a concusion from a cd hit to the head
af CH Powns 9. april 2008
19 46
domp is a variable it can be substituted for anyone and anything
i just domped him up the domp
af brett 17. juli 2003
26 64
Taking a large crap.
I just took a huge domp.
af Deemo 3. oktober 2003
23 62