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Dat ho be got dem crotch crickets
af yul 5. juni 2003
41 24
A southern colloqial for a severe case of pubic crabs.
The bitch's crotch crickets were so bad, her gynocologyst had to call Orkin, just to get a "pap" smear......
af moon doggie 27. april 2003
99 26
crabs, pubic lice
af shawn 17. december 2002
43 19
Another name for "Phthiris pubis", the pubic louse (crabs).
Joey had sexual relations with a dirty girl, and was afflicted with a nasty case of crotch crickets.
af Derek Smith 9. maj 2003
26 5
A pubic louse.
I'mo gonna give dat biotch da kobe special if i found out she gave me crotch crickets.
af 50 cent crack dealer 31. juli 2003
39 19
A louse.

A cootie.

A small creature that lives in pubic hair and which moves from person to person at every 0pportunity.
Elspeth has a splendid herd of crotch crickets.
af Cap'n Bullmoose 24. september 2007
31 16
A louse

A Crab

A tick

A small tick-like annoying pest that lives in pubic hair, and has a parasitic relationship with the human body.
Man I got so shit-faced last night. I don't remember a thing. However, i'm guessing a had sex because i woke up with a few nasty crotch crickets on my pubes.
af ACannon 8. april 2008
12 2