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An economic system that works in theory but not in the real world.
communism would be good for society if all people weren't naturally selfish.
af Vanessa N 6. juli 2004
20 28
An idea that is perfect in theory, but is not allowed by human nature.
af Anonymous 21. oktober 2003
26 34
An Idealistic system of government. Started with Karl Marx (author of The Communist Manifesto), and has never been acheived by any country in its idealized form.
The basic principles stand that because in capitalism the owner (bourgoise) always pwns the working class (proletarians). Marx's solution was to eliminate all class, have everyone equal, and eliminate money, government, and social systems. Although utopian when carried out correctly, the idealogy has been consistently defeated by the natural human greed, hax0rs, and the need for being the best. Because Humans are naturally greedy, and by evolutionary stand points always strive to acheive maximum 1337ness, the theory of Communism developed by Marx is practically implausible and ideal.
Bob: Although capitalism is a good idea, it breeds two seperate classes, and tends to cause poverty.
Jim: Yeah, but communism is impossible for humans to use, so we are basically screwed.
af Honest Abe 22. december 2004
36 45
a form of government which is beautiful on paper but for some reason never works in real life
af DojoMojo 19. april 2003
30 39
militant socialism
stinks like communism
af global socialism 7. februar 2006
29 39
a movement "invented" by karl marx emphasizing shared resources and betterment of the whole of society, rather than a select lucky segment
communists wear drab, efficient clothing and dont drink coke
af cap buster 17. april 2005
14 24
In theory, the best government that can exist. In actuality, a big freaking screw up.
Communism is like trying to send a flare to warn people about a fire: it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it just made things worse.
af Shadovsky 26. august 2004
20 30