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a name for the state of mind under the influence of ganga... thats what we call it when we are high
Damn dude I'm fucking chewed..
Yah dude I'm really chewed...
I'm fucking chewed..
af CeQueezy 28. april 2005
76 17
Becoming intoxicated and acting like a complete idiot.
"I was so chewed when I threw up on everyone!"
af Jim Tomac 29. februar 2012
2 1
to be as high as possible on marijuana
"I'm so fried that i'm now CHEWED"
af chewbag 3. februar 2010
14 13
Someone or something (dog, clothes, cat, purse) that is ugly, unattractive, etc, etc.
This kid with really bad acne awalks by

Ka'Shell: Man dude is chewed.
af Jess$$$ (iPodJunkee) 7. oktober 2008
12 23
the act of getting dome
yo son that bitch just chewed me and 2 other niggas
af anonymous 2. april 2003
18 36
The state of being drunk.
I was chewed last night after me and my cats drank a fifth of Henny.
af G-Baby 10. marts 2003
12 30
ignored in an internet chat room or whatever
Hey man, he just ignored you...you got chewed!!
af jetzero 25. januar 2005
5 26