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Only the greatest guitarist in history. Plays in a little band called cky. Also the hottest guy in history.
"Stay safe, fuck yourself"
af lisa 18. marts 2005
88 25
Guitarist in cKy and mixer/producer of all of cKy's records, including the die-hards only Volume Two (found on Amazon.com). Known for incredible stagejumps and retiring the "bitch toss". Answers questions asked by fans on their site in the section "Ask cKy."
Chad's got the full support of the cKy alliance behind him.
af -Duckie- 3. august 2005
67 9
Chad is an amazing guitarist/producer. He is memeber of CKY (kick ass) and he rocks beyond recognition! Thank you Chad!
Chad Ginsburg along with the rest of CKY should come to Sault Ste. Marie, Canada and play a show.
af Amanda! 2. maj 2005
61 14
Guitarist for the band CKY...also appears in some CKY movies
Kick ass guitaristaaaaaaaa
af Dean Spaeth 9. marts 2005
47 18
The hottest and best guitarist/vocalist of all time
chad rox and is totally hot
af Llama 13. april 2005
48 30
Some guy who plays guitar for CKY, and hangs around with Bam Margera
Chad Ginsberg hangs out with CKY and Bam Margera
af Craig 19. april 2005
6 68