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To use ones penis to hit someone with, usually upon the face.

A combination of 'cock' and 'smack'
'He cacked me on the face, and now I have a big long bruise'

'Watch it, or i'll cack you.'
af Mason 30. januar 2004
7 27
Urban term for a Penis greater than 8" Inches.
"I" pulled out my CACK, and dat girl forgot all abut her boyfriends cock.
af D Dizzle My Nizzle 23. december 2003
10 30
I cacked it to that hot bitch.
I love cacking it.
Last night was a solo cack fest.
af karpimp101 6. november 2003
4 24
gay person with small dick
af anonymous 21. juli 2003
10 30
Anything derogatory, offensive, or degrating.
You have nothing but cack on the mind.
af Fun 16. april 2003
3 23
gay person
af anonymous 21. juli 2003
5 26
The pubic hair between one's anus and nutsack.
Sam got his cack waxed off yesterday.
af Gamgee 30. december 2004
5 30