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Office paper work. Derived from bumfodder, toilet paper.
Our new boss gives us a lot of bumf.
af Cap'n Bullmoose 21. april 2005
74 22
Short for bumf-odder, or toilet paper.
I say Terence, is there any bumf in your cubicle, we're running out in here.
af David from Kingsbury 7. november 2003
63 39
what the fuck is this bumf in my mailbox?!?!?!?!?!?!!
af Ishkabibble 20. august 2003
15 19
big ugly mother fucker
corey is such a bumf.
af rabbit 6. februar 2005
19 25
bumf is just stuff. not much else to it.
such-a-thing comes with a lot of unnecessary bumf.
af <shrug> 20. november 2005
14 22
(n) One who is extremely awkward, but at the same time extremely lazy. One that doesn't move fast and would rather not move around.
"Why don't you come play B-BALL with us Mike?"
"Don't bother asking him, Mike is a true bumf."

"Did you hook up with Jon last night?"
"No, we started talking and he such a bumf."
af humfhunter 18. oktober 2009
4 16
short for anal sex
bumf??? bumf!!!
af CAT~ 26. februar 2004
8 30