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noun, middle of nowhere, usually used with a cardinal direction, such as North, South, East, or West. Origin: Ghetto
"Where you at?"
"East Bumblefuck! Ah donknow"
af Anonymous 4. november 2002
460 71
out in the middle of no were , usually used as an expression
What the fuck are u doing over there in bumblefuck land?
af Anonymous 28. maj 2003
236 94
a place in the middle of nowhere
They sent me out to east bumble-fuck
af www.evilrobotmonkey.com 23. maj 2003
194 64
the place between philadelphia and pittsburgh
scranton or wilkes-barre is an example of bumblefuck
af DREWDOMZ 7. oktober 2006
273 152
the middle of nowhere, otherwise known as East Jesus, Gimby, Good God, etc.
"He lives out in Bumblefuck"
af stuckhere 6. oktober 2003
125 62
Bumble Fuck: noun
Meaning: A rural/small town area that few people will ever know, or hear about.
I live in the middle of no where.
I live in bumble fuck, Pennsylvania.
af randy 007 29. maj 2006
84 22
the middle of fucking no where
bobby goes to college in bumblefuck.
af Lor Skelly 8. september 2008
86 38