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Someone who is so dark black that he is almost purple causing his teeth to look very white.
That nigga' is so black, he's blurple! And look at them teeth!
af D 17. januar 2004
262 91
The skin tone of a black person who is so dark, their skin looks purple.
Damn, that's one blurple nigga!
af jesus rocketship 14. april 2006
148 96
The color fusion between purple and blue
Look at the blurple sky..
Did you see her blurple eyes?
af Brandon Nabors 29. januar 2009
118 82
A combination of the colors blue and purple
In art class, I mixed together a new color using blue and purple...it was so pretty! It's so blurple!
af PrincessR 24. november 2009
48 40
A mix of blue and purple.
She has a blurple dress.
af MickBe 9. september 2009
38 40
the combination of blue and purple
"Dude, this blurple drink is tasty!"
"I love the new blurple paint!"
af Alex Puma 8. februar 2008
37 41
cum bubble
dude your moms breath smells like she blew a blurple
af rybags 5. september 2010
14 27