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Adjective- To have abnormally large wings.
"Damn, Angel from X-Men is totally wung."
af Jpah 25. september 2009
16 9
- adjective
1. the state of a wang after the deed is done.
2. a boner at half mast, with no chance of acheiving full erection.
"Damn. That shit was so good, my dick is WUNG!"

"Baby, you know I want to, but after all that Jager I drank, my dick is wung."
af The McCanwich 16. juli 2008
12 15
Past tense of wing.
Back-to-school sales already? Man, summer really wung by.
af J. McCrackan 19. februar 2005
18 22
past tense of wing
Summer's almost over? Man, that really wung by.
af J. McCrackan 15. februar 2005
12 17
a very kinky sex position too kinky to even describe....
"dude i wunged that girl last night"
"ahh man nuh uh how was it?"
"it was wungderful"
af gertrudeissexy 10. februar 2008
5 24