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A ripoff of the delicious snack made of 60% air. Twonkies cost less and are usually purchased by low income households.
"I admit it, that was no twinkie....
my mother buys twonkies!"
(goes off into a corner to cry)
af Mightyted 8. juni 2003
43 14
Slang term for a Caucasian person in an African American community.
"Man, look at this white-ass twonkie walkin' through the streets."
af A Type of Juice 20. juni 2014
2 0
an overweight female, whose major interests usually include chocolates, television and laying around.
damm lets get the hell out of this bar, it is full of twonkies
af n.bishop 18. november 2006
15 16
stands for twilight junkie
Jess is such a twonkie. Her profile picture is of her wearing a twilight shirt and holding an apple.
af emp123 29. januar 2012
2 5
one who gets twonked
it's 3 a.m. and s/he's done three hits of acid and two tabs of e... what a total twonkie s/he is
af scaredyants 29. september 2003
6 9
an idiot
he is such a twonkie..he said that 2+2=3

Audrey: haha she loves to do stunts that will be dagerous. she will break something.

Zui: yeah she is such a twonkie lol
af SpikeVenom 11. september 2008
2 9
one who is twonked
he/she's such a twonkie
af scaredyants 29. september 2003
1 10