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1. Often associated with speed and agility, a Tida is best described in one word: Steeze. Rare among third world countries due to hazzardous circumstances, Tidas strive in warm climates and river-side habitats. 2. Tom Schaaf 3. The butt-end of a pool stick. Rarely recognized as a piece in itself, it is detachable from a pool stick and can be used in self defense against angry, drunken, and often fairy-boyesque opponents.
In a state of shock and confusion, I gently detached my tida from my pool stick and threw it at Bob.
af Tom Schaaf 27. september 2005
21 18
good at sucking dick. likes to suck it. and sucked alot.

a natural pro.
I wish i had a tida to suck my dick.
af helloimbored 3. juni 2009
19 30
a druggie.
your such a tida
af helloimbored 3. juni 2009
8 21
The white freckley thing with a funny nose
That is so totally Tida
af Rachellie 21. februar 2007
7 21