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A slut that has been fucked so many times you can see straight through her vagina like a bagel.
The stupid slut bagel has been on that corner for 29 years.
af Mark Grimyser 29. november 2004
326 47
A derogative for a person who throws childish insults at people on a repeated basis and feel no need to better their vocabulary.
"After continously calling his sister a turdburglar, Rec was deemed a slutbagel by the family."
af Jaida 9. juli 2005
20 7
a person who shares the characteristics of both.
Texxie such a slutbagel!
af nottobar 26. januar 2004
4 8
a girl that has a lot of sex and likes bagels.
"That was really good sex. Let's go get bagels."

"Gosh, you're such a slut bagel."
af Slutbagel22 21. marts 2010
50 73