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When one goes to fart with such force & your shit paints your pants a bit leaving a skid mark or a shitlick
I farted that hard that my turd licked my pants leaving a signature

Fuck I better go to the toilet because I think my fart made a shitlick in my pants
af The Shadow People 24. november 2013
1 0
1.An arse licker, loves the taste of shit.
2.Will eat shit for the lowest of reasons.
3.Delta Goodrem
Delta sure is a shit lick
af Sucker1Punch 26. december 2009
4 3
someone who likes to girls booty holes
Man nigga that bitch is a shit lick, i couldnt get her off of my asshole
af Peter Dragon 3. december 2007
6 6
To eat/lick faeces

To lick an animals anus
You're a shitlick Seven, get the fuck out
af Mub 20. januar 2005
7 13
A person who asks dumb questions
dude is that pontiac a charger
af Brad 29. august 2003
6 33