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A beautiful name that means sheltered-town. Also the name of the most gorgeous, outgoing, athletic people! Someone with the name Shelby tends to be truthful, energetic, funny, will listen to your problems and give you great advice! If you know anyone named Shelby, you should hang around them more cause they can brighten your whole day.
Girl: Shelby can you help me with this problem I've been having with my boyfriend lately?

Shelby: Of course! I love helping people with anything!

Girl: Wow, thank you Shelby your so sweet.
af Cum bucket 5. august 2013
Shelby is the best girlfriend any guy could ever ask for! She's funny, sexy amazing and an apparently great kisser. Her new boyfriend loves her very much!
Person1: who's dating Shelby?

Person2: I don't know but he's really lucky
af Awesome boyfriend 6. februar 2014
a bitch who likes cake really mean to her friend oscar :
oscar:hey shelby

af qnqnsbsgfhsdg 18. oktober 2011
Shelby is the type of girl who is sexy, beautiful, and intelligent person who is a great kisser and loves to have all the guys love her. She will rock your world and if you have a Shelby then you better keep her because she will be taken by another man.
Guy 1: WOW!! That girl is hooottt!!! I want to date her.
Guy 2: WOOOW!!! She must be a Shelby!!!
af spongebob01 10. juni 2014
Shelby is usually a person you'd describe as a TANK!
or in other words.... orgasmic or dope,
whichever you prefer.
Wowowow, that person is a tank, they must be a SHELBY!

Damnnn, their Shelby.
af supstanggbby 12. november 2009
is most oftenly a girl.
-a sweet preppy snob whome over the course of a new year changes to a complete opposite in a series of changes. eventually going from a colorful blond to a dark depressed beyoch who will probably end up dying her hair black.
theres shelby hating the world.
shelbys really quiet
don't talk to shelby
god, your being such a shelby.
af Micheal munster 7. marts 2009
Shelby, aka shlebs...the new std she created with her yellow nasty outside her door.
Guy 1: Eww last night i had sex in shelbys hall

Guy 2: You should def get checked for the shelbs I heard it itches!
af wifey <3 3. september 2009