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A San Diego thank you is a deep french kiss after performing anilingus.
She gave him a San Diego thank you after some freaky sex.
af wles000 18. april 2010
132 174

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Kissing someone while they're taking a shit.
Stan: I'm gonna go to the bathroom

Roger: Go give him a kiss while he's fartin' one out. Go give him a San Diego Thank You.
af Mistahtom 18. april 2010
633 252
To kiss someone while there taking a shit.
My wife left for work while I was taking my morning duce. So she had to give me the old San Diego thank you.
af chubby chaser 69 18. april 2010
479 275
When a girl kisses you while you're on the toliet pooping
Stacey gave Stan a San Diego Thank You while he was pooping.
af Roger American Dad 18. april 2010
206 142
A kiss given while sitting on the toilet.
Guy 1 to All: I've got to go hit the john.
Guy 2 to Girl: Go give him a San Diego thank you!
af Some_Guy19 18. april 2010
169 165