it's damn good beer!!!!

(from Chapelle's Show)
samuel jackson's damn good beer!
#samuel #adams #jackson #sam #beer
af Rich Headley 26. november 2005
Top Definition
Featured on Chapelle's Show, Samuel Jackson Beer is a parody of Samuel Adams Beer commercials. The sketch features a loud, foul-mouthed Samuel L. Jackson (played by Dave Chapelle) promoting his own brand of beer while wearing Colonial-era clothing and puffing a cigarette.
"Samuel Jackson Beer! It'll get ya drunk! You'll be fucking fat girls in no time! You might even fight a nigger!"
#samuel #jackson #dave #chapelle #beer
af You Can't Kill the Metal 5. juli 2006
Good mother fucking beer mother fucker! It'll get ya drunk.
I'm gonna go get a Samuel Jackson beer, then I'll be fuckin' fat girls in no time! I might even fight a nigga or two!
#delicious #good-muthafuckin-beer #beer #beverage #pale ale
af Morganism 18. november 2005
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