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You meant to type in porn on google but you made a typo and typed porb instead. You then saw the urban dictionary page which made you curious so you clicked on it. Now you are reading this.
K-Y? check. Kleenex? check. PORB
af Dav0c 16. august 2010
Porb: What I typed in after seeing the screenshot from urban dictionary on a forum, just to see if googling porb really does take you straight here.

It does.
I mispelt porn as porb, and delayed my masturbation by whole seconds.
af Cosimo_Zaretti 24. november 2010
A pubic hair which has grown so large it has become the ruler of all the other pubes.
"This porb is huge. One porb to rule them all!"
af shall 9. februar 2014
Porb is a common search term in Google that is the result of fast lazy search typing when searching for adult content. Be sure to clear your browsing history as if porb comes up in history people will be suspicious.

Sources: The pioneer of porb:
I was searching for porn on Google but accidentally searched for porb
af 1 tip for wrinkles 8. maj 2015
The triangular shaped man-breasts an adult male gets when he combines the eating of too many toblerone bars with drinking Guinness and eating only takeaway. Note: The condition is worsened by lack of exercise and excessive computer gaming.
Ewwww! Look at the DM's porbs!
af Ro Cunningham 6. marts 2006
pawrb : /pɔrb/ ; is an failed action that results in a personal/general discovery.
I was googling for pictures of ducks, though manage to click into a very weird site. It was full of cat pictures, links to funny shit, personal bragging, edgy fedoragrumpies and way to many refrences. Reddit was maybe my biggest porb of all time.
af TrueDictionaryOfTruth 11. oktober 2014
Short for porbography. Porn with globular objects.
It's really embarrasing when you're caught looking at porb on your computer.
af Iamgood 26. marts 2007
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