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12:00 P.M. 12:00 A.M. is midnight. 'Noon', unlike 'midnight', is a palindrome.
I'm usually in school at noon.
af Diggity Monkeez 12. januar 2005
88 19
A great time for lunch.
It's noon, let's go eat!
af Rubbertoe 27. maj 2005
54 31
basically the same as 4:20. originated in Richwoods, MO to mean a time to smoke some dank. a good code to use for calling up your order on the phone

damn it's been a long day... I hope I can get some noon..
man, I'm so nooned right now..
af almostaskater 21. juni 2009
36 16
(n) meaning someone who is too gay to function. Abnormal in everyway apart from penis size.
That kid is a noons
af Steven_the_namer 15. september 2008
41 25
when a socially acceptable time for a person to drink alcohol
"Should you be drinking at 10 am?"
"Its noon somewhere"
af LaLa 11. december 2004
27 16
Best time for a gun fight in Philly

Must be a gangsta to understand
They gonna fight at noon.
af nut case 16. april 2004
32 22
A combination of Novice and goon
Founded in Chatham,Nj 8th grade Math class
Are you joking? your a noon
af mathclasshero 29. november 2010
8 7